Lessons & Groups


All tennis lessons in Truro are run by the Cougar Dome.

The Cougar Dome employs Tennis Canada certified instructors who run tennis lessons every week for beginners, recreational players, and competitive; from 3 years old to 93 years old.

The current lesson schedule and programming information can be found on the tennis page at cougardome.ca. You can also contact the Cougar Dome for more information.

Truro Tennis Club Groups

Although the Truro Tennis Club does not run professional instructor-led programs like the Cougar Dome, it does organize and run some groups for members of the Truro tennis community.

Singles Ladder

When you join the singles ladder, you’re placed in a “rung” with 2-3 other players at a similar skill level at the beginning of the month. You schedule your matches with the other players when it’s convenient for you and report scores to the coordinator.

At the end of the month, those who won most of their matches move up to the next rung, while players who lost most of their matches might get bumped down to the rung below. This ensures that matches are fair as players improve or struggle with their game.

If you’re new to tennis in Truro, this is a great way to meet new players at your skill level and improve your game.

The singles ladder runs year-round.

Email trurotennisladder@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Team Tennis (Doubles)

Team tennis consists of matches between different groups of players each competing to win the tournament for their team. It usually takes place on a certain evening every week during the outdoor season. A starting date for team tennis will be posted once the season gets started.

Member Groups

Truro Tennis Club members are always putting small groups together to play at regularly scheduled times. There’s usually a competitive mixed doubles group that plays weekly during the indoor season and there are recreational senior men’s and women’s groups that play on weekday mornings during the outdoor season.

Please contact the Truro Tennis Club if you’re interested in finding out what groups are currently active.