Jerusalema Dance

If you love to walk or roll, you can play tennis… if you love to dance, even better… 

If you don’t love to walk, roll or dance, playing tennis is a fun alternative. This spring, some tennis players put it all together to make this joyful video…Jerusalema: tennis style. Join the gang at TTC to discover how love and tennis go together.

Inspired by Tennis Nova Scotia Technical Director, Marijke Nel’s, passion for music, tennis and all things fun…our tennis group in Truro joined the global phenomenon of the Jerusalema dance. This joyful song of faith, which Marijke remembers as a traditional song from her youth in South Africa, provided a space for our group to celebrate togetherness, lots of joy, a semblance of coordination, and a show of strength and support to each other and to Marijke. 

Learn more about the global phenomenon here: South African hit ‘Jerusalema’ inspires people worldwide to shake off COVID-19 blues | Reuters